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Pet Nail Clipper Scissors

Pet Nail Clipper Scissors

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1. Hiddable file, easy to store and prevent scratches

2. Half-moon incision, stainless steel cutter head, more labor-saving trimming

3. LED pet nail clippers, built-in LED lamp beads, can clearly illuminate the bleeding line, prevent excessive trimming

4. Transparent baffle design to prevent broken armor from splashing, detachable, easy to remove and wash
Size: 14.8*4.8*2.3cm|5.82*1.88*0.90

Weight: 112 grams

Material: ABS stainless steel

【Luminous Design】The luminous pet nail clipper has built-in LED lamp beads, which can clearly illuminate the bleeding line, prevent excessive trimming, and guide users to trim nails easily
【Baffle Design】This pet nail file has a transparent baffle, which can effectively prevent the splash of broken nails, and is detachable for easy removal and washing.
【Sharp Cutting】Our pet nail file adopts a half-moon incision, stainless steel blade, the incision is very sharp, and the trimming is more labor-saving and convenient
【Hiddable File】This pet nail clipper is easy to store, with a hittable file, which can effectively prevent yourself or your pet from being scratched. It is safe and can be used with confidence
【High-Quality Material】ABS high-quality material and stainless steel cutter head, delicate 

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